space clearning inside

November 3, 2008

so there’s space clearing in a building or a room, and then there is space clearing inside ourselves. today i went to the gym. few minutes on the treadmill, few minutes on a stair climber and a few more on an elliptical machine. a few ab exercises and then a moment or two of stretching. in the same way that we need to purge our belongings, exercise and activity help us to purge thoughts and emotions from our bodies.

i don’t particularly like gyms, actually i dislike them somewhat. at the same time i want to take better care of my body and give it the opportunity to release unwanted energy and an opportunity to purge. hopefully, going to the gym and getting regular exercise will become a routine that will improve my energy and help my body to accept and experience life freely.

as i clean out my home and my body i make room for the new.


One Response to “space clearning inside”

  1. Exercise is great for all of us. We release any tensions or stress and not to mention it keeps us healthier. A great form of exercise is yoga if they have a class at the gym, some do. When others think of it, physical activity doesn’t come to mind. Yoga is a physical activity and teaches you to find inner peace and stillness.

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