preparing for a feng shui consultaion

November 11, 2008

before i do a feng shui consultation it’s helpful to get people thinking about the purpose of the consultation. i like to suggest a few things that people should ponder before a visit.

pick the top one or two areas of your life, from the 9 bagua areas, that you would like to focus on for the next 30-90 days. whoever lives in the space should do this. if there are two people then you can each do it separately and then share your thoughts after you’ve spent some time thinking about what you would like to achieve.

KAN – Career/Life Path/Goals/Life Purpose

CHIEN – Travel/Mentors/Helpful People/Guardian Angel

TUI – Children/Creativity/Creative Energy/New Projects

KUN – Love/Marriage/Intimate Relationship/Romance

LI – Fame/Reputation/Recognition for work/Perception – How others perceive and understand you

SUN – Wealth/Luxury/Abundance

CHEN – Family/Social life/Ancestors/Household expenses/Daily Life/Physical Health

KEN – Wisdom/Self-Knowledge/Personal Growth/Education

CHI – Center/Grounding/Balance/Spiritual and Emotional Health


some additional thoughts to spend time with …


What emotions do certain objects or areas of your home bring out in you?

What symbolism do certain objects or areas of your home have for you?

How do you feel in different areas of your home?

What areas of life seem to be going well?

What areas of life do you seem to struggle with more?

Have you noticed any specific changes in the above areas of your life in conjunction/relation to different places you’ve lived in the past?

thinking about these things is the first step in making changes in your space and in your life. once you have a better awareness of what you’re trying to create, it becomes easier to do it.

feng shui bagua example

feng shui bagua example


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