identifying bagua areas in your space

November 12, 2008

this afternoon i will be providing a feng shui consultation for someone who lives near downtown reno. in preparation for that consultation i have been sharing different things that they can do to prepare for the feng shui consultation. another great thing to do before someone does a feng shui consultation for you is to measure the spaces you are going to be working with.

if you have a blue print of the home, office, or building that you are getting a consultation for that is ideal. sometimes you can get the blueprint of the building from a county office, occasionally online. in the absence of a current blueprint, a tape measure is your best friend. with paper, pencil, ruler and a tape measure you can easily create a diagram that shows the layout of your home or office and each room within the building.

the bagua and the nine areas within it are used in many ways throughout a space. eventually, you will learn to look at the bauga of the plot of land, the whole building on the plot of land, as well as the bagua within each individual room.

start out by making a diagram of one room. choose a rectangular or square room with no protruding walls or closets that stick into the room changing the rectangular footprint of the room. after you have determined the length and width of the room draw that on the paper using inches or centimeters to represent the space. then divide the width of the room into 3 and draw lines that divide the room into the three according parts. next, divide the length of the room into 3 and draw lines for those areas. when you are done you will end up with nine rectangular parts within the whole. similar to a tic-tac-toe board within a square or rectangle. you will use this as the basis of what areas of the room correspond to what areas of the bagua and of your life.

having this diagram already made will be useful in your consultation. you can make a separate diagram for each of the rooms in your home or office, as well as an additional diagram that represents the entire apartment, home, office or building.


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