March 30, 2009

Mirrors can be powerful Feng Shui tools. Mirrors can double the effect of whatever they are reflecting in them. If you place a pile of rotting garbage in front of a mirror, you are essentially doubling the effect of the negative energy of the rotting garbage. Likewise if you put a beautiful vase of fresh flowers where it’s image is reflected in a mirror, that will double it’s effect of fresh positive cleansing energy.

In Feng Shui Symbols, a User’s Handbook, by Christine Bradler and Joachim Alfred Scheiner this is some of what they have to say about mirrors:

“An old Chinese saying states: ‘A mirror makes illusions visible.’ We know of so called magical mirrors in which mystical symbols appear on the back if the mirror is held and looked at from a certain angle. Buddhist monks use magical mirrors to show believers in what form they will return to this world after their present life is over. Some cultures believe that mirrors are a symbol of marital happiness and good luck.”

There is an article by Terah Kathryn Collins on mirrors, in which she explains, “mirrors appear to enlarge and brighten a room, they tend to encourage activity. This is great in the active areas of the home such as the living room, exercise room, home office, and kitchen. The bigger the mirror, the better! But mirrors can over-stimulate rooms meant to be serene and relaxing, such as dining rooms and bedrooms.”

Many Feng Shui books suggest removing all mirrors from a bedroom if you are having trouble sleeping, as energy can bounce off a mirror and become more yang. On the other hand, some books suggest that as a cure, if you cannot avoid having the head of your bed on the same wall as the entrance of the bedroom, that you hang a mirror in such a way that when you are lying in your bed, you can see somone who would enter with the help of the mirror.

Mirrors are simply a tool you can use to influence how energy flows in and out of a space. Another thing to remember about mirrors is that they can hold energy and not release it. So, it’s not a good idea to buy one used. If you have a mirror that you love and just can’t live without from an antique store or a yard sale, you have a couple of options. You can keep the frame and have the mirror part replaced, or if all else fails, you can place the mirror in direct sunlight for a day or two. You can also lay it flat and sprinkle salt or rock salt (which happens to be easier to clean up) to absorb some of the past owners energy out of the mirror.

Your best bet when using mirrors with your Feng Shui is to use new mirrors and to use mirrors sparingly in a home. Use them as needed either for a specific Feng Shui cure, or use them to double the effect of something you find very beautiful.


I’ve added a page for books about Feng Shui and will try to put a small review or summary on each book each time I post a new one. Today, I added some information about a great book called Feng Shui Symbols, A User’s Handbook, by Christine Bradler and Joachim Alfred Scheiner.

You can visit this page to read more about Feng Shui Books!

I will be adding other books regularly.

What’s your favorite Feng Shui book?

Sadly, it seems, I may have to let go of my wordpress theme since I cannot get it to support sidebar widgets. Time to Feng Shui my blog in addition to my home and my desk at the office.

Please be patient with me, while I work out the kinks and get a new site theme set up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep some of the look and feel of the site the way it is now.

Suggestions anyone?

Woo Hoo! Yes, it is Friday. And life is full of ups and downs. It’s our job to focus our energy on the ups and ignore the downs. The great news is: purging has begun. Yesterday, the process of looking for items to get rid of really took off. Two trash bins later it’s a full fledged process.

From time to time, when I’m emptying stuff out, throwing out what I don’t need and making piles of things to give away, I become overwhelmed. I have to stop and remind myself that I am indeed making progress.

So far, I’ve removed a ton of useless pens. I seem to be a magnet for pens, pencils and any types of writing tools! I’ve recycled them. Brought them into the office at work & put them in a drawer that everyone uses for pen supplies. Several papers and items that were no longer useful found their way to the garbage. Old blurry photos, unspectacular photos and any that made me feel sad when I looked at them … into the garbage they went!

This weekend, I will continue one small bit at a time, to go through and remove any unwanted and unneeded items, one small drawer at a time, one small bin at a time.

Here’s to keeping only what we love, adore, need and have a place for! May my Feng Shui change my life.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

A new day can bring a new perspective with it. Each time we get rid of a piece of paper we make room for new things. Each email we delete, each old file we delete, makes room for new things to come in their place. Today, I will continue to look for items I no longer need or want and get rid of them. I am making my life easier and simpler.

Life really is good.

Sometimes it it difficult to let go of things. Some of us have more pack-rat-ish tendencies that others. Even those of us who at times get rid of belongings ruthlessly, sometimes revert to holding on to things we do not need.

The items we choose to keep can be a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. When we are ready to let go of old patterns or feelings that hold us back, we tend to be more free reduce our belongings. Feng shui is all about our relationship to our environment and that includes our possessions.

I was not as successful as I’d hoped this past weekend at removing 30 items from my home in Reno. The work did begin though, I probably removed a total of 5 – 10 items. The effort is also continuing in my office at my desk. I have been looking for items to throw away, put away or give away. I have successfully managed to go through a small pile of paperwork and throw out 75% of unneeded papers that had taken residence on my desk.

Off I go to throw out a few more papers and take care of what the rest are all about.

Have you let go of anything, recently?

less is more

March 20, 2009

less is more.

the plan for this weekend is to throw away or give away at least 10 items today, tomorrow and sunday. by monday morning i should own at least 30 fewer items or things that will no longer require time or energy. this will get the cycle going, and as i practice getting rid of things each day, i will free up more energy and time.

the more we get rid off, the more we make room for the new.

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forgive me.

i have not fallen off the face of the earth. i’ve simply gone quiet a while. there was a very bad flu, followed by a wonderfully adventurous vacation and now i’m back.

while I was in st lucia, visiting a friend who i had not seen in a very long time (15+ years), i helped her with a few feng shui ideas for her home. i left a wonderful book with her, feng shui and money, by Eric Shaffert, so i’ll have to go get another one.

i’m interested in starting up a group that meets weekly here in the reno area to go through this book over a course of 18 weeks. please go to my contact page and send me an email or a note if you have any interest in joining.