creating new perspectives with Feng Shui

March 26, 2009

A new day can bring a new perspective with it. Each time we get rid of a piece of paper we make room for new things. Each email we delete, each old file we delete, makes room for new things to come in their place. Today, I will continue to look for items I no longer need or want and get rid of them. I am making my life easier and simpler.

Life really is good.


One Response to “creating new perspectives with Feng Shui”

  1. Dusty said

    It is a good way to look at things… It works for those things which keeping or losing are balanced on need and desire. The work happens when too much feeling becomes infused in objects.
    But… going especially on a hunt for those things we do not need or want… perhaps better than looking overwhelmed at everything. I have done that sometimes… ie pulling out all the bottles that could go for deposit – all the socks past their prime – all the half empty condiment bottles or past due foods in the fridge. A hunt like that can really help create a different perspective.
    ~ Dusty

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