saddly, letting go of my wordpress theme?

March 27, 2009

Sadly, it seems, I may have to let go of my wordpress theme since I cannot get it to support sidebar widgets. Time to Feng Shui my blog in addition to my home and my desk at the office.

Please be patient with me, while I work out the kinks and get a new site theme set up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep some of the look and feel of the site the way it is now.

Suggestions anyone?


4 Responses to “saddly, letting go of my wordpress theme?”

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  3. Dusty said


    I have read that it is possible to access additional themes and as well sometimes have some greater flexibility in editing the themes that you do have if you get a pay account with WordPress.

    Now myself, I would like something different from what is offered, but it would be awkward for me to pay for an account. I have seen interesting templates and themes available and I wouldn’t doubt that you could find something suitable.

    I guess in the meantime it is time to make one of those priority things… list what you want and then balance which are the most important and see what is available that those things fit into. I loved this theme myself, though found it a bit narrow and of course there is the aspect of the widgets being on the bottom…

    If there were one that were two column with perhaps flexible colours and image in the header… that would suite. Perhaps even if the colours were not perfect… But those are your choices.

    I have faith you will find your solution.

    ~ Dusty
    D Cluttermouse

  4. igekafengshui said

    I’m still avoiding letting go of this theme! I love the look and feel of the green and am afraid to make the change … soon I’ll have to switch from fear to acceptance, and just do it.

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