the bagua

April 6, 2009

someone asked me today about the bagua, what it is and how it’s used. in feng shui the bagua shows how a space, be it a building or an individual room, can be divided into nine areas, each corresponding to a different part of life.

in all types of feng shui, be it form feng shui, compass feng shui or any other type of feng shui, the ultimate goal is to create a space with a balance of the five elements (water, earth, metal, fire, and wood), as well as a balance of yin and yang energy. there are some slight differences in the details of how the various types of feng shui are practiced, and they also share some very common ideas and practices.

in the bagua below (used in form feng shui) you can see that the entrance of a space will always be in one of the following areas, Wisdom and Self Knowledge, Career/Goals/Life Path, or in Travel/Mentors/Angels/Helpful People.

feng shui bagua example

feng shui bagua example

I would like to thank Monica Castaneda for the use of her bagua map on this page.


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  1. the bagua said

    […] Original post by igekafengshui […]

  2. Corina said


    I’m learning about Feng-shui and I have a basic question for you. When I apply the bagua to my house floor plan, do I have to apply it independently on each floor or do I place it once based on the main entrance?
    (I have a 3 level townhouse, the main entrance is in the middle level and the access to the upper level through the stairs is rotated compared to the main entrance… same apply to the lower level internal access via stairs)

    • igekafengshui said

      In a three level town house, you will want to apply the bagua to each floor or level as well as each room, and also to the whole house. There are a few different ways to do it. What makes the most sense is to use the method that feels most intuitive to you. One approach recommends matching up the Bagua from the top level of the stairs. Much like the front door of a home is how you enter the whole home, the top step where you enter a level from the stairs can be considered the ‘entrance’ of that level and hence the entrance to the Bagua on that floor.

      Another approach is to look at the footprint of the whole house and consider the Bagua as the same on every level. I would suggest using both of these approaches. Just like you have a Bagua for a whole house and there are also Baguas for each room that overlap each other, the same is true on additional levels. It will be as if you have multiple Baguas laying on top of each other.

      When things get complicated in a home, one of the best things to do is go room by room and focus on a particular Bagua sector that you would like to make changes in. After you have done that you can re-visit the Bagua of each floor individually. Sometimes, more complex spaces and homes are great reasons to get a Feng Shui consultant to visit the space and make recommendations.

  3. Hello,

    I see that you are using a ba-gua map image taken from my website, which is fine, but please do add a copyright notice and a link to my site:

    © Monica P. Castaneda



  4. Really interesting post! Honest!

  5. Melanie said

    Hi there, very informational website! I am about to start building a new house in the next few weeks & I’m very nervous as I have several “feng shui faux pas”. My home will face west, with the Master Bedroom in the Northeast Corner & the Garage in the Northwest (an en suite bathroom is in between). I have children’s bedrooms in the Southeast & Southwest areas. Since the garage door will be the entry that is used most often, will this be considered the entry zone, or would it be the west facing main door?

    Also, in my reading, I’ve seen warnings against putting a sink & stove opposite from each other in the kitchen. I do have an island between the two. Is there something I can do to avoid the conflict here?

    I would really appreciate any help & direction. Thank you & have a wonderful day!

    • igekafengshui said


      Thank you for your comment, and my apologies for the extremely delayed response. I notice that you ask about the direction of your home. If you do a search online for your Kua number you’ll find out if you’re an East group person or a West group person. Along with that you can find information about which direction is best to face for various tasks. The form based Feng Shui places less importance on the direction (North, South, East, Wes) and more importance on the placement of a room relative to the front door of your home. Likewise each room has its own nine sections of the Bagua to consider in addition to where that room fits relative to the whole house. I hope this makes sense.

      Generally, most things I’ve read say that the front door is the intended front of the house, and that a garage door will not substitute for that. Even if you come in and out of the garage door most of the time, it’s a good idea to use the front door every once in a while to let energy flow into the house with you. Your west facing main door is what you should use as the entrance, when you are figuring out what parts of your home relate to what parts of the Bagua.

      There are things you can do to avoid the conflict between the sink and the stove as well. It’s good that you already have an island there. Keeping something in the middle of the island that will balance out all the elements would be good. You could use a bowl of fruit or vegetables. You can consider bowls made of different materials; you can place a vase with fresh flowers there, or a small ornamental object, a statue of some sort, a decorative rock, something grounding. I know I have read of other cures for stoves and sinks facing each other, as well. I’ll have to look up the other items. Another good idea is to look around your kitchen and see which elements appear the least and the most (wood, metal, rock/stone/marble/tile, glass, etc.) try to achieve a sense of balance of the five elements in the room overall. The stove represents fire, as do candles, and the color red. The sink represents water, so balance things out with plants, bowls of various materials, rocks, or even images that are symbolic of the various elements. Lastly, you can consider the location of the kitchen in the whole home and see if it’s associated with a part of the Bagua that would benefit from a little extra of a particular element.

      If any of what I’ve said is unclear, or if you have other questions, please let me know. I’m happy to clarify on the site, to speak via phone or communicate directly with you via email.

      I wish you the very best of luck in creating your beautiful balanced home!

  6. Carly said

    I have a question about the placement of the bagua map. It tells you to place it at the main entrance or front entrance of your home. I do not use my front entrance, I use my back/side entrance to my house. Do I use that entrance. Both doors lead into one room. My kitchen has the back/side entrance and my adjoining dining toon has the front entrance. Another question that is related to this one. I often read that the “love” corner is located in the southwest area of the home…if I use the bagua map at my front entrance, the “love” area is in a totally different place. How do I know where to place my “love” symbols?

    • ijekahfengshui said

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry about the very late reply. ~ Regarding rooms with two entrances, you would choose one entrance as the ‘main’ entrance to determine the position of your Bagua. For your second question, it seems you are mixing up ‘form’ based Feng Shui with ‘compass’ based Feng Shui. Generally you would use one or the other to work from. You either use the entrance of a room, space or building to orient your Bagua, or you use a compass to orient it instead.

  7. Mila said

    Hi ! i need help in my new project ! my land is partially flat partially slop . the flat part has 150 degree rock hill decreasing at both ends… it is about 280 degree view facing the sea… pine trees… the road to it will come from south-west… i am building there small cafeteria, swimming pool (suspended?)..and under it the equipment room and network and games area…. my plan is to place swimming pool in front facing the best view of north-west… where will be the wealth corner??? ba gua puts it in north…but feng shui puts it in south-east.???? what to do in this case???

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