it’s friday and the Feng Shui is flowing in Reno!

April 24, 2009

Yes, that’s right, it’s Friday and the Feng Shui is flowing!

Last night I pulled out more than three large trash bags full of things to take to goodwill, here in Reno. Some things I like, things I was storing, things that I simply was not using. Even items that I really like, if I’m not using them, then I’m keeping them from being used by someone out there. Bit by bit, I’m making room in my home so that there will be space for the things I want to happen in my life!

And guess what? It’s working! I’m teaching myself that the universe is safe. I’m teaching myself that I will always have what I want and what I need. I’m learning to let go of things and how to let go of the ‘what if I need this one day’ attitude! And I’m starting to feel freer.

Three years ago, I got divorced. It was a difficult time and I used many Feng Shui techniques and tips to help me through it. At first I took all the clothes out of my closet and laid them on the bed. I only put back clothes that I felt great wearing back into my closet. I gave ‘favorites’ to goodwill if they made me feel overweight or less than pretty. I kept the clothes that I felt pretty in, sexy in or fun in. if I held up something & wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it or get rid of it, then I tried it on & used that to determine how I felt about it. If I only felt so so in it, then it went. If I felt fabulous while wearing that item, then it was a keeper. I also got rid of any piece of clothing that brought up memories I didn’t wish to bring back. The result of all this is that without having to work as much as I normally would, I lost weight, looked better and began feeling more fabulous.

It didn’t matter so much which part of the Bagua the items were in, it was a general sentiment in my life that was impacting all areas of the Bagua. Removing excess items in the center of the Bagua (Tai’Chi) and in the Chen (Health, Family, Ancestors) Bagua sector can significantly help with weight loss. Removing excess items in the Kun (Love, Intimate Relationships, Marriage) can help with relationship issues. And applying the changes in all parts of the Bagua is like helping yourself to change a belief across many parts of your life.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with some relationship issues that have come up for me. I’ve noticed that I’ve gained weight again, almost as if the weight is a protection from the world. And I’m ready to shed the protection and be myself again. A couple days ago, I began the same ritual with my closet. The end result was not as dramatic as a few years ago. What’s really nice is that the process has begun again. I’m making a conscious effort to only surround myself with things that I adore, have a place for and items that are absolute necessities. I’m simplifying my life and I’m focusing on only holding onto really great things. I’m willing to let go of things that “will do for now”. I’m letting go of things that “aren’t perfect but will have to do until I get something better”. When I look around my home and look at my belongings my reaction will be “I love this!”

Better to trust that the universe will bring me what I really desire!

What are some of the thoughts that bubble up in your life? What are some thoughts that bubble up when you contemplate your belongings?


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