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title: what is the feng shui bagua? how to lay the ba gua map over your floor plans to create the life you want
author: Clare Plaister
date added: 05/07/09
“Each area of the Feng Shui ba gua corresponds to a different aspect of your life…
What do missing corners and extensions actually mean?
If you notice that areas of the ba gua map are missing or some are extended do not panic! Sometimes missing corners can be termed as negative space or ‘bad’ Feng Shui. However, a missing corner simply represents a dip or loss in energy that need to be strengthened. It is there to show you that change is possible in this area of your life if you correct the imbalance of energy.
Extensions or projections will usually indicate that the energy is healthy or flowing smoothly in this area of the ba gua. Changes or cures that you place in extended areas tend to have double the effect!”

title: feng shui and mirrors – through the looking glass
author: Terah Kathryn Collins
date added: 04/02/09
source: western school of feng shui
“A mirror in the dining room can cause you to hurry through your meals.
(The common use of mirrors in restaurants encourages patrons to eat and
run.) To enhance the serenity of the dining room, replace a mirror with art
that has a nurturing quality or reduce a mirrors influence by placing a
sideboard or other decorative items in front of it.”

title: creating harmony at home
author: Ashley Miller
date added: 04/02/09
“In BTB [black sect] feng shui, clutter is used as a metaphor for life: Circumstances and good intentions help achieve results. Put simply, feng shui is the process of organizing and decorating your home to promote positive energy. It’s a system where the placement of objects matters and each room — depending on the location in relation to the front door — represents a particular area of your life.
The principle of the five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal and water — is represented using certain colors and shapes to create balance.”

There are several other articles by Feng Shui Author, Terah Kathryn Collins, on at the webiste for the western school of feng shui.

title: center for beauty and health to open
author: Jennifer Davis
Excerpt from: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press
article date: May 5, 09

“Although Karen Lynn Ferraro is the center’s Reiki Master, she also is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and a Certified Personal Coach. Reiki, a “laying-on-of-hands” technique of energy healing, is said to remove energy blockages and release tension and pain. Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energy in a space; services offered by the center include a floor plan analysis and extensive on-location consultations.”

title: principles of Feng Shui & how to use Feng Shui in your home decor
author: Kirtus Maltivo
Real Estate News & Updates – Feng Shui Article Excerpt
date added: 05/05/09

“Feng shui comes from the Chinese and they believe that certain colors and placements of objects in the home will promote different energy forces to help you out. To get the right flow of this energy known as chi you need to know how to pick the correct placement and colors when decorating using feng shui. This chi energy will invigorate you and have you being happy and living a life that is healthy. So to get these benefits from Feng shui lets look into the art a bit more.”


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