Last night I wrote a post much later than I should have, and consequently I had a grammatical embarrassment. The title of the post was “it’s never to late to learn more” … I should know better than to mix up ‘to’, ‘too’ and ‘two’! Now it’s fixed and I’m only somewhat ashamed to share the mistake.

I shall learn from another mistake and get to sleep sooner.

Good night, world.


It’s official: Igeka Feng Shui is now Ijekah Bodywork and Feng Shui. July 14 is rapidly approaching. Graduation from Ralston School of Massage in Reno, Nevada.

I’d like to share a little, since I’ve been missing for a while. Much has changed in the last year, and particularly in the last few months. I’ve begun massage classes, and am really enjoying them. I’m learning new things daily about the body, and about people.

I’ve also been very fortunate in my daily work life in the corporate world. I work for a great company, have a great boss and can still pursue personal interests.

Financially, life has taken many turns for the better, in dramatic ways. I am blessed in so many ways! At the moment, I’m putting forth a great deal of energy into daily life, working full time in a highly demanding job, and still finding time to switch gears and learn massage skills in the evenings and on weekends.

I’ve just taken a three day TouchPro chair massage class. I’m extremely excited to learn more, to practice, to become proficient at massage, and then one day to be able to combine massage and Feng Shui services to help others.


March 4, 2010

I think I need some momentum. Things feel very slow and sluggish.

I guess I need to take some of the advice that I would give someone else and use it for myself. Many things are changed from a year ago. I live in a wonderful new home. I no longer have any debt or major financial worries, which I did in the past. I have cleaned up some financial troubles, and transformed my financial life.

Physically, there have been changes for the better and for the worse over the last year. I’ve had periods of time where I felt healthier, was more active and felt more energetic. Then again, it is winter now, and I often feel like a bear who hibernates in winter.

Repeat to self: less is more.

It’s that simple. Every day, I need to get rid of a few more things than I accumulate. If 5 pieces of mail come in, I need to find a way to throw away 6 pieces paper or mail, some from today, some from before.

Although I feel a bit under the weather, tired and have a touch of abdominal pain tonight, rather than lay here in bed, I’m going to go find 10 things to throw away. That’s where I’ll start.

a good weekend

April 19, 2009

got out in Reno and did the wine walk. beautiful sunshine & day. went to a tee ball practice. cleaned up around the house. took a bunch of clothes and shoes out of the closet, more stuff to take to goodwill!

all together it was a good weekend.

this week begins the feng shui and money course in Reno! even though some of us are going to get started tomorrow, we are postponing the official start date of the class for one week so that some additional people can attend.

call 530-635-1506 and leave a message for Rebecca or email to join!

I’m very excited about the Feng Shui course that I will be teaching here in Reno! Beginning Monday April 27th, we begin the Feng Shui and Money course. For 11 weeks we meet regularly and work on feng shui for each of our homes. We identify, examine and change our beliefs about money. This is the beginning of how we transform our lives into what we desire.

Along with completing our homework assignments and reading in Feng Shui and Money, we examine and apply feng shui cures to a each of the nine baguas . We have the opportunity to change corresponding beliefs patterns about subjects in all parts of our life. We look into our love lives, romance, marriage, health, well being, social habits, family relationships, traveling patterns, wisdom, and more. With each class we will examine Feng Shui from three different angles, Environmental Feng Shui, Financial Feng Shui and Inner Feng Shui. The full course details on the classes page of the site.

Have you ever taken a feng shui class? What was the most important thing you learned from it?

changes continue. thank goodness, right? because that’s better than the alternative. feng shui changes are as constant as the changes in our every day lives.

this weekend I attended 2 tee ball games, watched a movie, spent a gorgeous day on the ski hill, got caught up on Lost, did almost all the laundry, got a manicure, cleaned up a bit, moved furniture, sold two office chairs and I was even able to fill a large box full of items to take to goodwill!

goodwill was closed on my way to the office this beautiful morning, so the things are almost on their way. the biggest hurdle is done, they have left the house.

here’s to a new week of getting things done, and starting fresh on a Monday morning!


April 2, 2009

I’ve added a new page for Feng Shui articles. Feel free to send me articles you’ve written or read. You can also simply post a comment with your information directly on the articles page..

I’ve added a page for books about Feng Shui and will try to put a small review or summary on each book each time I post a new one. Today, I added some information about a great book called Feng Shui Symbols, A User’s Handbook, by Christine Bradler and Joachim Alfred Scheiner.

You can visit this page to read more about Feng Shui Books!

I will be adding other books regularly.

What’s your favorite Feng Shui book?

monday, monday

November 10, 2008

new day. new week. glorious feeling.

i have a consultation set up for wednesday evening. it’s a lovely feeling when you are about to see a another place someone calls home and you’re about to help someone new. i’m looking very forward to helping them and seeing how the specific changes in their home impact their lives.