Feng Shui and Money
A program for creating wealth using ancient principles and techniques

START DATE: Please contact Rebecca Hess if would like to join on May 4, 2009
LOCATION: Vajra Temple and Lounge, 1085 S Virginia, Reno NV 89502

Yes, you can still join! Monday April 27 was our first class of the Feng Shui and Money 11 week workshop. Each Monday night for 11 weeks we will meet from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM and learn how to change our beliefs about life and about money. Call 530-635-1506 or email igekafengshui@gmail.com to participate!

We use the book, Feng Shui and Money, to guide us through assignments that help us identify our beliefs and change any that do not serve us well. Each week after the introductory week, we examine a different part of the bagua and our corresponding belief patterns about subjects in that part of our life. With each class we will examine Feng Shui from three different angles, Environmental Feng Shui, Financial Feng Shui and Inner Feng Shui.

Here is an overview of what we will cover, week by week, in the course.

April 27, Week 1 – introduction to feng shui, overview of the workshop

May 4th, Week 2 – establishing our foundations – the bagua
Bagua focus on T’AI CHI sector
center – grounding – spiritual health and well being – overall yin and yang balance

May 11th, Week 3 – setting our sights – what we want more of in our lives
Bagua focus on CHEN sector
family relationships – friends – ancestors – physical health and well being – basic finances

May 18th, Week 4 – energizing our life – dealing with debt
Bagua focus on HSUN sector
wealth – luxury

We will skip Monday May 25, for Memorial Day.

June 1, Week 5 – possessing our life
Bagua focus on LI sector
fame – reputation – how others perceive us

June 8, Week 6 – finding comfort
Bagua focus on KUN sector
intimate relationships – love – marriage

June 15, Week 7 – nurturing ourselves
Bagua focus on DUI sector
children – creativity energy – new projects

June 22, Week 8 – discovering our mission
Bagua focus on CHYAN sector
helpful people – mentors – angels – travel

June 29, Week 9 – getting down to business
Bagua focus on KAN sector
career – life path – life goals – life mission – purpose

no class July 6 after July 4th holiday

July 13, Week 10 – celebrating the spirituality of money
Bagua focus on KEN sector
wisdom – knowledge – personal growth

July 20, Week 11 – wrap up and review

This Feng Shui class is locally offered in Reno, Nevada. Thanks very much to Vajra Temple and Lounge for providing an excellent space for this workshop!

You may request to participate from a remote location if you like. This class uses the book by Eric Shaffert, Feng Shui and Money.

What you get:
* Your own book: Feng Shui and Money – Program for Creating Wealth Using Ancient Principles and Techniques, by Eric Shaffert
* 11 classes (2.5 hours each) Monday nights from 6 – 8:30 PM
Cost: $100
(If you are unemployed please contact me about special arrangements for payment.)


2 Responses to “classes”

  1. paige miller said

    will you please let me know when the next Feng Shui and Money class will be offered?
    Thank you,

    • igekafengshui said

      Hello Paige,

      The next Feng Shui and Money class is not scheduled yet. I am glad you contacted me because I was considering starting up a new class this fall.

      Do you live in Reno, or were you hoping to attend/participate remotely? I am happy to work with you individually, or I can schedule a new class anytime we have a group of interested participants.


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