ijekah bodywork and feng shui in Reno, Nevada
email: ijekah.fengshui@gmail.com
phone: 530.635.1506
or leave a reply below



5 Responses to “contact”

  1. Holly said

    So Rebecca are you here in Reno? Would love to know more about this – a lot of changes lately = a lot of clutter I can’t seem to control – not terrible like a clean house tv show – but more than we want.
    Please let me know.

  2. Holly Josephson said

    Sorry, i’ve been slammed. I wanted to know if there is a cost involved with this class? I am still very interested but have just started a new position and funds are limited. Thank you so much.

  3. Michael T. said

    I am working with feng Shui just a short time now, but effects on my life are incredible. My only problem is that I want to finish my own financial services office and to start acomplete new life in a different profession. Themes involved would be Feng Shui, diving, painting, writing ab book, fotography, travelling and nature.
    A lot of items to deal with, eh? So this really is my problem: how can I build a precise “vision” of this to make the first steps in this direction after?
    Any suggestion would be appreciated!
    regards Michael, Germany

    • igekafengshui said

      Hello Michael,
      For starters, pick one or two of those many things that you want to work on, then focus energy and time into those items. Find some things that represent or symbolize what you want, and put them in the bagua area that corresponds best. The things like painting and writing books would be most impated by improvements in the creativity area. Diving could be affected by changes to the travel part of the bauga. Whatever changes you make, be sure to focus energy on those things for at least a few months.

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