a new adventure

December 1, 2011

For over ten years, I’ve been studying Feng Shui on my own from books and first hand experience. I’ve even led classes and workshops. Now, I am very excited to begin studying feng shui in a more formal way. This weekend I will be attending the first of over twenty classes offered by the BTB Feng Shui School. (Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui School) This is the same school the author Eric Shaffert, who wrote Feng Shui and Money gained his teachings. They offer classes in San Francisco and New York City.

The journey will begin with a road trip from Reno, Nevada to Aptos, California. I look forward to learning and sharing knowledge with other Feng Shui enthusiasts and professionals. I am delighted to have this opportunity!


I’m still figuring out how Ijekah Feng Shui and Ijekah Bodywork services are going to morph into a combined business. Offering Feng Shui consultations and providing Sports Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork in Reno, Nevada is a reality, even though Ijekah Feng Shui and Ijekah Bodywork are still in their infancy.The synergy between the two is very high. Energy moves in our environment, and energy moves within our bodies. There are many natural parallels between the two.

In the recent massage education that I’ve acquired over the last two years it is clear that the same principles that apply to energy associated with elements in our surroundings, act in a similar way inside our bodies.

There are twelve meridians (commonly used in both acupuncture and acupressure). Meridians are energy channels in the body. Of the twelve meridians each is associated with one of the five elements (metal, wood, fire, water, and earth). Additionally, for every Yin meridian there is a corresponding Yang meridian.

Lung Meridian / Large Intestine Meridian
The yin Lung (LU) meridian is associated with the metal element. Its paired yang meridian is the Large Intestine (LI) meridian. Both are associated with the metal element.

Stomach Meridian / Spleen Meridian
The yang Stomach (S) meridian is associated with the wood element. Its paired yin meridian is the Spleen (SP) meridian. Both are associated with the wood

Heart Meridian / Small Intestine Meridian
The yin Heart (HT) meridian is associated with the fire element. Its paired yang meridian is the Small Intestine (SI) meridian. Both are associated with the fire element.

Urinary Bladder Meridian / Kidney Meridian
The yang Urinary Bladder (UB) meridian is associated with the water element. Its paired yin meridian is the Kidney (K) meridian. Both are associated with the water

Pericardium Meridian / Triple Warmer Meridian
The yin Pericardium (P) meridian is associated with the fire element. Its paired yang meridian is the Triple Warmer (TW) meridian. Both are associated with the fire element.

Gallbladder Meridian / Liver Meridian
The yang Gallbladder (GB) meridian is associated with the wood element. Its paired yin meridian is the Liver (LV or Li) meridian. Both are associated with the wood

Just as the elements have certain properties in our environments (our homes, businesses, any type of building, outdoor landscapes and spaces, or even the inside of a vehicle) those same forces exist in our bodies.

Different elements have various properties and energies associated with them.

Summary of the meridian pairs and their associated elements:
Lung (LU) – Yin / Large Intestine (LI) – Yang – METAL
Stomach (S) – Yang / Spleen (SP) – Yin – EARTH
Heart (HT) – Yin / Small Intestine (SI) – Yang – FIRE
Urinary Bladder (UB) – Yang / Kidney (K) – Yin – WATER
Pericardium (P) – Yin / Triple Warmer (TW) – Yang – FIRE
Gallbladder (GB) – Yang / Liver (LV or Li) – Yin – WOOD

LU Yin … LI Yang – METAL
S Yang … SP Yin – EARTH
HT Yin … SI Yang – FIRE
UB Yang … K Yin – WATER
P Yin … TW Yang – FIRE
GB Yang … LV or Li Yin – WOOD

my feng shui is working …

November 19, 2009

I’m pleased to say my feng shui is working. It’s been several months since I’ve actively updated my site and been blogging. After the Feng Shui and Money course that I taught earlier this year, changes started happening very rapidly. I’ve moved. I’m in a new home. My life has been transforming …

I’ve been keeping busy with many things, piano lessons, getting ready for ski and snowboarding season, and going to first grade school events. Had a good scuba diving trip to Maui, Hawaii. Dove with manta rays at night, dove with eagle rays in the daytime, saw frog fish and many other sea creatures.

Just a couple short weeks after my Hawaii scuba diving trip, we moved two households into one. This summer was full of packing, selling things, thowing things away, donating items, unpacking, sorting, organizing and de-cluttering!

I am back from a terrific 3 day hiking adventure along the coast. It was great to get outside, to spend three whole days by the ocean and get the chi moving smoothly though my body!

The beach was beautiful, rugged and very remote. It took 9 hours to drive to the coast from Reno, Nevada and it was worth every bit for the three days of hiking on and along the beach. Sadly, we probably saw more dead sea lions than people over the three days of hiking.

The balance of yin and yang energy over the three days was terrific. The first day was a hot sunny day that resulted in a good deal of sunburn. The second day was rainy, misty and foggy. We were drenched and dripping most of the day hiking, and yet it was beautiful and a wonderful change from the previously hot sunny day. The third day was sunny and blue skies again.

It was great to get outside. You have a new perspective on the Feng Shui in your home when you return from spending several days outside.

I’m delighted that it’s Friday! I have a Feng Shui Consultation scheduled for a home in southern Reno this Sunday.

The first thing I asked of the people was to identify what they hope to accomplish or take away from the consultation.

I’ll be sure to update the blog after the consultation!

another day

August 4, 2009

I am feeling a bit sad and disappointed with myself for slacking off on my blog posts. So much has happened over the last few months, I am not even sure where to begin.

I now live in a new home. I made many changes where I was living before and boy did the universe deliver. You know the old saying “Be careful what you ask for” … because you just might get it!

We completed the first go round of the Feng Shui and Money course. I am very blessed to have met such great people and to have gained more insight in life. I have seen great changes for them and for me. Life has handed me my next lesson, too. It said … “So you want to try to control your world with Feng Shui … well try to feng shui this…!” and it proceeded to hand me a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t feng shui my way out of. Feng Shui is a great tool to look inside ourselves, it’s not a way to CONTROL life. And so, here I am, living one day at a time and dealing with life’s little lessons bit by bit.

It’s so important to remember that we don’t control the “how” of what things happen. We control very little. And if I ever figure out how to be ok with that … well, I’ll be truly delighted!

a quick note

May 7, 2009

Thanks to those who took the Feng Shui Bagua poll ! From the handful of replies I got back it’s clear that people are interested in how Feng Shui can help with money, career, love and health.

I will be putting up posts on those subjects along with updates of how our Feng Shui and Money workshop in Reno is progressing.

And oh, I wanted to share a page of the book we’re working from as well. Check out page 30 and page 31 of Feng Shui and Money by Eric Shaffert.

Here’s a closer look at page 31 with a bagua map and a little introduction to the prosperity journals we have begun using.

Two days ago, Monday evening, we had the introductory class for Feng Shui and Money. It was a great start! We did introductions, got our books and took an introductory look at the nine sectors of the Bagua map. We identified the 5 elements, earth, water, wood, fire, and metal.

Earth is associated with Tai Chi (Center, Grounding, Spiritual Health). Water is associated with Kan (Career, Life Path, Goals, Mission in Life). Wood is associated with Chen (Ancestors, Family, Household Expenses, Physical Health). Fire is associated with Li (Fame, Reputation, Recognition, Perception by Others). And Metal is associated with Tui/Dui (Children, Creativity, New Projects).

This week we will read chapter one in Eric Shaffert’s book Feng Shui and Money. We will also purchase our new prosperity journals, and a very small notepad or notebook to write down every single thing we spend money on throughout the next few months. Lastly, we will complete the assignments in chapter one. I’ve already started looking for graph paper to create a new floor plan for my home.

In addition to learning about the bauga map, we began exploring beliefs about money, that we may or may not have realized we held. We looked at a list of beliefs and sayings about money and discussed which of them might be patterns in our own lives.

Here are a few examples of beliefs about money that we considered.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Life would be so much better if I didn’t have to think about money.
Money kills relationships.
Money is the root of all evil.
I can get by without money.
Spiritual people aren’t rich.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
You have to work hard to have money.
Money causes problems.
Money can’t buy happiness.

After looking at some of the above statements, we put them on their head.

Money does grow on trees.
Thinking about money is fun.
Money supports relationships.
Money is the root of great things.
I prosper and have lots of money.
Spiritual people are rich.
The rich help support society with charitable donations and endowments for hospitals, museums, libraries, Universities and medical research and scholarships. I can be born poor and become a millionaire!
I earn money easily.
Money creates solutions.
Money can buy happiness.

What sayings about money have you heard or do you repeat? What are your thoughts or beliefs about money? (Write a comment & share it with us!)

Today’s the day! This evening from 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM we will begin a group exploration of how we can use Feng Shui to alter our financial lives! The impact of what we learn for our finances will overflow into many other areas of our life as well. We will start with a brief discussion of what Feng Shui is, what the bagua map is, how to use it, and an overview of all the bagua sectors. We will begin in the center with Tai Chi, and go over Kan (Career/Goals), Chien (Travel/Mentors), Dui (Children/Creativity), Kun (Love) , Li (Fame), Hsun (Wealth) , Chen (Family/Health), Ken (Knowledge). In each area we will see what shapes our ideas about money, gratitude, thanks and the ebb and flow of energy in life … because at the end of the day … money is simply a physical representation of energy and power, right?

Come join us today at 6:00 PM at

Yes, that’s right, it’s Friday and the Feng Shui is flowing!

Last night I pulled out more than three large trash bags full of things to take to goodwill, here in Reno. Some things I like, things I was storing, things that I simply was not using. Even items that I really like, if I’m not using them, then I’m keeping them from being used by someone out there. Bit by bit, I’m making room in my home so that there will be space for the things I want to happen in my life!

And guess what? It’s working! I’m teaching myself that the universe is safe. I’m teaching myself that I will always have what I want and what I need. I’m learning to let go of things and how to let go of the ‘what if I need this one day’ attitude! And I’m starting to feel freer.

Three years ago, I got divorced. It was a difficult time and I used many Feng Shui techniques and tips to help me through it. At first I took all the clothes out of my closet and laid them on the bed. I only put back clothes that I felt great wearing back into my closet. I gave ‘favorites’ to goodwill if they made me feel overweight or less than pretty. I kept the clothes that I felt pretty in, sexy in or fun in. if I held up something & wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it or get rid of it, then I tried it on & used that to determine how I felt about it. If I only felt so so in it, then it went. If I felt fabulous while wearing that item, then it was a keeper. I also got rid of any piece of clothing that brought up memories I didn’t wish to bring back. The result of all this is that without having to work as much as I normally would, I lost weight, looked better and began feeling more fabulous.

It didn’t matter so much which part of the Bagua the items were in, it was a general sentiment in my life that was impacting all areas of the Bagua. Removing excess items in the center of the Bagua (Tai’Chi) and in the Chen (Health, Family, Ancestors) Bagua sector can significantly help with weight loss. Removing excess items in the Kun (Love, Intimate Relationships, Marriage) can help with relationship issues. And applying the changes in all parts of the Bagua is like helping yourself to change a belief across many parts of your life.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with some relationship issues that have come up for me. I’ve noticed that I’ve gained weight again, almost as if the weight is a protection from the world. And I’m ready to shed the protection and be myself again. A couple days ago, I began the same ritual with my closet. The end result was not as dramatic as a few years ago. What’s really nice is that the process has begun again. I’m making a conscious effort to only surround myself with things that I adore, have a place for and items that are absolute necessities. I’m simplifying my life and I’m focusing on only holding onto really great things. I’m willing to let go of things that “will do for now”. I’m letting go of things that “aren’t perfect but will have to do until I get something better”. When I look around my home and look at my belongings my reaction will be “I love this!”

Better to trust that the universe will bring me what I really desire!

What are some of the thoughts that bubble up in your life? What are some thoughts that bubble up when you contemplate your belongings?