the bagua

April 6, 2009

someone asked me today about the bagua, what it is and how it’s used. in feng shui the bagua shows how a space, be it a building or an individual room, can be divided into nine areas, each corresponding to a different part of life.

in all types of feng shui, be it form feng shui, compass feng shui or any other type of feng shui, the ultimate goal is to create a space with a balance of the five elements (water, earth, metal, fire, and wood), as well as a balance of yin and yang energy. there are some slight differences in the details of how the various types of feng shui are practiced, and they also share some very common ideas and practices.

in the bagua below (used in form feng shui) you can see that the entrance of a space will always be in one of the following areas, Wisdom and Self Knowledge, Career/Goals/Life Path, or in Travel/Mentors/Angels/Helpful People.

feng shui bagua example

feng shui bagua example

I would like to thank Monica Castaneda for the use of her bagua map on this page.


several years ago i started studying feng shui, the compass school kind. i did not have particularly good luck with it. it was very complex, hard to understand and i just did not quite get it. that was almost 10 years ago. in 2002 i decided to look for a feng shui consultant to tell me where to put a fishtank since water features can have strong effects and because i had had enough bad luck to last a while.

i was referred to a lovely woman who came to my home and made some adjustments the very same day she was in my home for the consultation. that was the day i learned about the difference between compass school feng shui and form school feng shui, also known as black sect feng shui. both schools of feng shui share basic concepts of balancing energy (yin and yang) and both share the idea that certain parts of a home, building, space etc are connected to particular parts of our lives. the main difference is that one school bases everything on directions (north, south, east, west, southwest, southeast etc.) the form school of feng shui is more concerned with the entrace of a building or a room.

i began applying principles of feng shui to my home and since that time have had incredible learning and growth experiences. i’ve also worked with others who have seen uncanny results from changes they have made in their living spaces. i’ve done consultations for people’s homes and businesses and seen wonderful things happen.

so, this is a sharing ground. this is a place to share thoughts and ideas about life. this is to be a place where people share how the inside and outside are connected.