I’m still figuring out how Ijekah Feng Shui and Ijekah Bodywork services are going to morph into a combined business. Offering Feng Shui consultations and providing Sports Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork in Reno, Nevada is a reality, even though Ijekah Feng Shui and Ijekah Bodywork are still in their infancy.The synergy between the two is very high. Energy moves in our environment, and energy moves within our bodies. There are many natural parallels between the two.

In the recent massage education that I’ve acquired over the last two years it is clear that the same principles that apply to energy associated with elements in our surroundings, act in a similar way inside our bodies.

There are twelve meridians (commonly used in both acupuncture and acupressure). Meridians are energy channels in the body. Of the twelve meridians each is associated with one of the five elements (metal, wood, fire, water, and earth). Additionally, for every Yin meridian there is a corresponding Yang meridian.

Lung Meridian / Large Intestine Meridian
The yin Lung (LU) meridian is associated with the metal element. Its paired yang meridian is the Large Intestine (LI) meridian. Both are associated with the metal element.

Stomach Meridian / Spleen Meridian
The yang Stomach (S) meridian is associated with the wood element. Its paired yin meridian is the Spleen (SP) meridian. Both are associated with the wood

Heart Meridian / Small Intestine Meridian
The yin Heart (HT) meridian is associated with the fire element. Its paired yang meridian is the Small Intestine (SI) meridian. Both are associated with the fire element.

Urinary Bladder Meridian / Kidney Meridian
The yang Urinary Bladder (UB) meridian is associated with the water element. Its paired yin meridian is the Kidney (K) meridian. Both are associated with the water

Pericardium Meridian / Triple Warmer Meridian
The yin Pericardium (P) meridian is associated with the fire element. Its paired yang meridian is the Triple Warmer (TW) meridian. Both are associated with the fire element.

Gallbladder Meridian / Liver Meridian
The yang Gallbladder (GB) meridian is associated with the wood element. Its paired yin meridian is the Liver (LV or Li) meridian. Both are associated with the wood

Just as the elements have certain properties in our environments (our homes, businesses, any type of building, outdoor landscapes and spaces, or even the inside of a vehicle) those same forces exist in our bodies.

Different elements have various properties and energies associated with them.

Summary of the meridian pairs and their associated elements:
Lung (LU) – Yin / Large Intestine (LI) – Yang – METAL
Stomach (S) – Yang / Spleen (SP) – Yin – EARTH
Heart (HT) – Yin / Small Intestine (SI) – Yang – FIRE
Urinary Bladder (UB) – Yang / Kidney (K) – Yin – WATER
Pericardium (P) – Yin / Triple Warmer (TW) – Yang – FIRE
Gallbladder (GB) – Yang / Liver (LV or Li) – Yin – WOOD

LU Yin … LI Yang – METAL
S Yang … SP Yin – EARTH
HT Yin … SI Yang – FIRE
UB Yang … K Yin – WATER
P Yin … TW Yang – FIRE
GB Yang … LV or Li Yin – WOOD


great way to start a day. it’s gorgeous weather in Reno! the sky is blue, it’s warm, not hot or cold, and there’s a beautiful view of the sierra mountains along the west side of the city. you can see the snow covered runs at mount rose ski resort and the air is fresh.

the feng shui and money workshop starts next week and i’m super excited. interesting how when it comes right down to it, many people aren’t really committed enough or serious enough to want to change their financial situation. when they realize that the course is more than a couple weeks, they say they just can’t commit that amount of time to a class. sad, but true. if you’re serious about making real life changes … 13 monday nights for two and a half hours seems like a small thing compared to the benefits you’ll recieve.

it’s very common for people to say they want to change their financial situation, and yet when given a great opportunity to do so, there is always one reason or another not to.

based on some of the feedback i’ve gotten i’m also going to be putting together a few shorter introductory classes so that people who want an introduction can choose to take a shorter course.

i’ve also started reading another book related to feng shui and prosperity, Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity by Stephanie Roberts. At first glance it looks extremely similar to Eric Shaffert’s Feng Shui and Money book, with just slightly different interpretations.

a good weekend

April 19, 2009

got out in Reno and did the wine walk. beautiful sunshine & day. went to a tee ball practice. cleaned up around the house. took a bunch of clothes and shoes out of the closet, more stuff to take to goodwill!

all together it was a good weekend.

this week begins the feng shui and money course in Reno! even though some of us are going to get started tomorrow, we are postponing the official start date of the class for one week so that some additional people can attend.

call 530-635-1506 and leave a message for Rebecca or email igekafengshui@gmail.com to join!

I’m very excited about the Feng Shui course that I will be teaching here in Reno! Beginning Monday April 27th, we begin the Feng Shui and Money course. For 11 weeks we meet regularly and work on feng shui for each of our homes. We identify, examine and change our beliefs about money. This is the beginning of how we transform our lives into what we desire.

Along with completing our homework assignments and reading in Feng Shui and Money, we examine and apply feng shui cures to a each of the nine baguas . We have the opportunity to change corresponding beliefs patterns about subjects in all parts of our life. We look into our love lives, romance, marriage, health, well being, social habits, family relationships, traveling patterns, wisdom, and more. With each class we will examine Feng Shui from three different angles, Environmental Feng Shui, Financial Feng Shui and Inner Feng Shui. The full course details on the classes page of the site.

Have you ever taken a feng shui class? What was the most important thing you learned from it?

Monday Morning.

Here’s a quote from Louise Hay’s site to start the week off, “I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life.”

This week I am working on both interior and exterior feng shui issues. By interior, I mean inside my body and inside my mind. Going to focus on drinking lots of water to clear any stagnant chi inside my body. I’m also making a conscious effort to keep the thoughts I like, and that serve me well, in my head. I am going to take the negative thoughts out to the trash, just like when I clean house!

For my exterior feng shui this week, I’m going to go through my closet and anything, I mean anything, That I dislike or only moderately care for, but do not love to wear, well, it’s going to go to goodwill. It will be useful for someone else. I’m going to make room in my life for fabulous things. My life is going to be filled with that which I love.

There’s a great lyric from one of Jewel’s songs, Life Uncommon, “No longer lend out strength to that which we with to be free from”.

My focus this week is:

“Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength to that
which you wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead a life uncommon”

the bagua

April 6, 2009

someone asked me today about the bagua, what it is and how it’s used. in feng shui the bagua shows how a space, be it a building or an individual room, can be divided into nine areas, each corresponding to a different part of life.

in all types of feng shui, be it form feng shui, compass feng shui or any other type of feng shui, the ultimate goal is to create a space with a balance of the five elements (water, earth, metal, fire, and wood), as well as a balance of yin and yang energy. there are some slight differences in the details of how the various types of feng shui are practiced, and they also share some very common ideas and practices.

in the bagua below (used in form feng shui) you can see that the entrance of a space will always be in one of the following areas, Wisdom and Self Knowledge, Career/Goals/Life Path, or in Travel/Mentors/Angels/Helpful People.

feng shui bagua example

feng shui bagua example

I would like to thank Monica Castaneda for the use of her bagua map on this page.

follow up from a consultation

November 17, 2008

the consultation a few days ago went well. it was a small, one bedroom apartment on the 2nd level of a walk up apartment complex in reno. the people who live there have a fabulous sense of taste, order, decor and an awareness of how energy moves through a space.

there is no clutter at all. it is very open. you can tell that the couple who lives there puts careful thought and consideration into the objects they own, in addition to how and where they place them.

there are two areas of their lives that the couple wants to work on and improve. one wants better energy and changes in the career area of his life, and the other wants to work on being more centered and grounded.

the central area of the bagua (chi) is where you make changes in order to feel more grounded, centered, and spiritually balanced. the center of their apartment was a little tricky to work with as it has a narrow hallway with a 90 degree turn in it leading to a bathroom. additionally, the other part of the center is on another side of a wall in the corner of their bedroom. there is a corner wall in the center that shoots poison arrows off of the corner into the center bagua area. there is also a mirror at the end of the hallway that reflects the bathroom. luckily no drains are being reflected. there is a large painting, created by one of the occupants with a very large fish and water motifs in it.

there is a long rectangular rug in the hallway, with some earth tones. in the center of their living room, there is a rug, with geometrical shapes and lines also in earth tones. the things that contribute to their sense of grounding are the colors they have chosen, brown, beige and other earth colored tones. the shapes, however, do not assist in a sense of grounding. they are very geometrical, angular and also create a sense of distance and disconnection.

i suggested that they remove the mirror from the center chi area and place it somewhere else for about 30-60 days. i also suggested removing the print of the fish, with it’s water element from the center. good alternatives for images to hang on the wall in the center bagua area would be an image of rock, earth or mountains, something that makes them feel centered and grounded. a yin and yang image or symbol would be good in that space as well.

it is a good practice to write down the action items that you intend to complete. additionally, it’s smart to keep a journal of what changes you make in a space, along with how things feel or shift after those changes. documenting observations about your day to day life following the adjustments you have made in your surrounding environment, is a great way to increase your ability to work with feng shui principles.

the area of life that the other person wanted to work on was their career. the entrance of their apartment is exactly in the center of the career area. as you walk into their apartment you are stepping mostly into the living room which extends both ahead of you and all the way to the right. slightly to your left as you enter the apartment is the end of the kitchen wall. when you open the front door you see into the kitchen on the left and into the living room on the right. the wall that divides the two rooms is just slightly to your left. the space in the living room is very open, and welcoming. the space to the left of the door could use a small amount of work (the knowledge, self-wisdom area of the bagua). it has no furniture or sense of a place to be. it is empty and needs some focal point or some item(s) that are welcoming and represent knowledge and self wisdom. one small piece of furniture or a very small eating nook table with two stools could do the trick. even a small table to place a plant or item on would be better than the current emptiness. currently, it has a few planted pots that they intend to put on a plant stand. having the plants on a plant stand instead of in a group bunched in the corner should also help it to feel like a more lived in and welcoming space.

on the floor inside the front door is a small rug, light brown or tan in color. substituting a black rug there would be a good improvement for the career area. since there was not a large entryway or much space to work with in changing the entryway, putting a small saying or quote above the front door which symbolizes the desired career changes is one option.

the place where there is normally a peephole to look out when someone rings the doorbell is an empty hole. they, wisely, have put tissue paper in there so that there isn’t a hole in their front door that anyone walking by can look into (larger than the size of a quarter). covering that tissue paper with a small image, plaque, or quotation that represents the desired changes in their career is important. symbolically, it’s fixes a hole that’s been temporarily covered up and is broken. asking their landlord to fix the peephole is also a good idea, or simply getting the appropriate hardware at a hardwood store and fixing it themselves.

a small fountain on the inside of the apartment, just to the right of the door as you enter, is another idea to consider. the water element helps tremendously with activating positive changes in the career area. just to the left of the door (the wall behind where the front door opens) they are considering hanging two wires or strings with pictures attached and going down the wall from the ceiling, the way that a ladder has rungs on it. choosing images with water elements in them or images that somehow represent what they want to achieve in their career is a good idea.

overall, they have a very good start with a great apartment that they can improve. the next steps are taking the time and effort to put specific energies in place and to focus those energies on the two areas they want to see results in most right now.

those were the main points of the consultation. in addition to looking at the bagua of the apartment as a whole, we also looked at the bagua for each room so that they can think about smaller changes that they can incorporate to achieve their current desires.

before i do a feng shui consultation it’s helpful to get people thinking about the purpose of the consultation. i like to suggest a few things that people should ponder before a visit.

pick the top one or two areas of your life, from the 9 bagua areas, that you would like to focus on for the next 30-90 days. whoever lives in the space should do this. if there are two people then you can each do it separately and then share your thoughts after you’ve spent some time thinking about what you would like to achieve.

KAN – Career/Life Path/Goals/Life Purpose

CHIEN – Travel/Mentors/Helpful People/Guardian Angel

TUI – Children/Creativity/Creative Energy/New Projects

KUN – Love/Marriage/Intimate Relationship/Romance

LI – Fame/Reputation/Recognition for work/Perception – How others perceive and understand you

SUN – Wealth/Luxury/Abundance

CHEN – Family/Social life/Ancestors/Household expenses/Daily Life/Physical Health

KEN – Wisdom/Self-Knowledge/Personal Growth/Education

CHI – Center/Grounding/Balance/Spiritual and Emotional Health


some additional thoughts to spend time with …


What emotions do certain objects or areas of your home bring out in you?

What symbolism do certain objects or areas of your home have for you?

How do you feel in different areas of your home?

What areas of life seem to be going well?

What areas of life do you seem to struggle with more?

Have you noticed any specific changes in the above areas of your life in conjunction/relation to different places you’ve lived in the past?

thinking about these things is the first step in making changes in your space and in your life. once you have a better awareness of what you’re trying to create, it becomes easier to do it.

feng shui bagua example

feng shui bagua example

monday, monday

November 10, 2008

new day. new week. glorious feeling.

i have a consultation set up for wednesday evening. it’s a lovely feeling when you are about to see a another place someone calls home and you’re about to help someone new. i’m looking very forward to helping them and seeing how the specific changes in their home impact their lives.

several years ago i started studying feng shui, the compass school kind. i did not have particularly good luck with it. it was very complex, hard to understand and i just did not quite get it. that was almost 10 years ago. in 2002 i decided to look for a feng shui consultant to tell me where to put a fishtank since water features can have strong effects and because i had had enough bad luck to last a while.

i was referred to a lovely woman who came to my home and made some adjustments the very same day she was in my home for the consultation. that was the day i learned about the difference between compass school feng shui and form school feng shui, also known as black sect feng shui. both schools of feng shui share basic concepts of balancing energy (yin and yang) and both share the idea that certain parts of a home, building, space etc are connected to particular parts of our lives. the main difference is that one school bases everything on directions (north, south, east, west, southwest, southeast etc.) the form school of feng shui is more concerned with the entrace of a building or a room.

i began applying principles of feng shui to my home and since that time have had incredible learning and growth experiences. i’ve also worked with others who have seen uncanny results from changes they have made in their living spaces. i’ve done consultations for people’s homes and businesses and seen wonderful things happen.

so, this is a sharing ground. this is a place to share thoughts and ideas about life. this is to be a place where people share how the inside and outside are connected.